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Hafla Organic Hummus 200g

$970 AUD

Our Hummus is made using certified organic Australian chickpeas, Organic Tahini (sesame paste), Cold press (virgin) Australian olive oil and spices. It is made and sold fresh.

From time to time our chickpeas still have the husk on them and the dip takes on slightly darker shade, at times these pieces of husk are visible as brown “spots” in the dip. Husk left on the chickpea enhances the quality and wholesomeness of our product.

Our hummus, made with the right balance of chickpeas and sesame seeds, provides you with a rich protein, and is therefore a perfect food for vegans.

Serving suggestions:

  • Hummus is a great healthy snack at any time, it is great with fresh celery, cucumber or carrot sticks for the kids, or on bread.
  • Hummus will go well with Muhumara or a touch of Zhug, it is great with most fresh veggies.
  • Hummus, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh and for best tasting, once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.

Bio Dynamic. Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and Preservatives Free

Ingredients: organic cooked- chickpeas, organic tahini, cold- press olive oil 4%, spices, sea salt, garlic, citrci acid, sweet paprika, cumin, black pepper 2%.

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