Wild Raw Black Cod - 4-5 portions (per 500g) – Empower Wholefoods
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Wild Raw Black Cod - 4-5 portions (per 500g)

$5900 AUD
  • This is Sashimi grade Pacific Coast Black Cod
  • A succulent buttery tasting oily white fish with skin on and most bones removed
  • Can be eaten raw, pan fried, baked or BBQ
  • Ocean Wise, sustainably caught wild seafood
  • Very high Omega 3
  • Very low Omega 6
  • Very low Mercury level
  • Histamine free
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial anything

Ingredients: 100% wild raw Canadian Black Cod

Packs are between 480 and 600g. Price is for 500g. If your pack is less than 500g, the difference will be refunded. If it is more than 500, you can pay the difference when you pick it up.