Crop Swap and Market Day – Empower Wholefoods
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Earthy Eats:
Thermomix Sustainable Cooking Series

Reduce Food Waste. Reduce Single Use Plastic. Reduce Landfill. Reduce Greenhouse Emissions.

Its World Earth Day on April 22 and the official theme for 2024 is ''Planet Vs. Plastic''. We can all play a part in helping EARTH.ORG to reduce single use plastics by buying food for our pantry from bulk wholefoods stores, avoiding fruit & veg wrapped in plastic, BYO cup when grabbing a takeaway coffee and creating some of your favourite takeaway meals at home.

Producing, transporting and disposing of single-use packaging for take away food requires large quantities of energy and raw materials. Those materials release emissions as they break down in landfill or the environment, or are burned.

But it’s not just single use packaging that is an issue. When we opt for take away over using up food in the pantry, fridge and freezer, we waste food (and money).

Did you know we waste more than 7.7 million tonnes of food across Australia and New Zealand each year? And that Australian households waste on average up to $2500 per year?

According to OzHarvest, wasting food wastes everything including all the precious resources that go into producing it: water, land, energy and money. In fact, food waste contributes to 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The good news is that food waste at home is mostly avoidable. This April, let’s start by cutting back on take away meals to reduce single use plastic, food waste and money and instead make more meals at home.

Introducing...Earthy Eats: Thermomix Sustainable Cooking Series

 In this series, you'll learn how to make your family's favourite takeaway meals (FAKEAWAYS) from scratch using simple ingredients (without all the additives, seed oils & refined sugar) quickly and easily in the Thermomix TM6 and in turn save money on your weekly food bill, cater to any food intolerances, reduce food waste, reduce landfill and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Simply choose the menu with your favourite cuisine below.

SUITABLE FOR: anyone without a Thermomix TM6 who is curious as to how it can make cooking a whole lot more interesting, quicker and easier OR those with a Thermomix looking for inspiration.

Whilst the menu is GLUTEN FREE you wouldn't know it if I didn't tell you ( it's delicious) and will be enjoyed by all.

DATES (Come to one, come to them all!):

April 10: Fakeaway Italian

April 17: Fakeaway Indian

April 24: Fakeaway Mexican

TIMES: 7- 9pm

COST: $10 includes meal

WHERE: Empower Wholefoods, Ulladulla