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About Us

Our Story

We want to help empower you make the best food choices for you, your family, our community and the planet. 

We took over the Empower Wholefoods store in 2022 with a vision to create a local one-stop-shop with everything you need to feed yourself and your family nutritious, certified organic and pesticide free foods and to live a more healthy and sustainable life. 

Good quality, organic and sustainable food is important to us and our family. It was hard to find when we first moved here, so we decided to be part of the solution. 

There are few things more important for a happy and healthy life than nutritious food. It is our medicine, it nourishes us and those we care about. It brings us together, at the cafe table, the dinner table and within our community. 

But we want to do more than just source and sell the best quality certified organic and pesticide free food and sustainable, low tox, and low waste lifestyle products.

We want Empower Wholefoods to be a place where our community comes together to share knowledge about why making good food choices makes a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of each of us, our families, our community and the planet. 

About Us

Melissa Field

I am many things….Mum, Matrescence Guide, Birth Educator, Doula, Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Baby Massage Instructor, Health Coach, Life Coach and Business Owner. But at the core of the work I do with mothers is village building. I like to refer to myself as a “Community Weaver”.

Here are some fun facts about me:

1. I was vegetarian for 20 years from the age of 17.

2. I reintroduced animal products back upon my Naturopath’s advice after seeing how nutritionally deficient I was.

3. Two early pregnancy losses kick started my low tox journey and makes me the expert sourcing clean products for Empower.

4. I’m no stranger to small business. I owned Yoganic, a yoga and pilates studio in Willoughby, Sydney for 9 years before I sold it and moved to Milton in 2018.

5. I own a local business, Birth Of a Mum and have been teaching yoga for 20 years.

I like my coffee straight up....just like me...I say it how it is... a 3/4 Black please!

Justin Field

Before taking over Empower Wholefoods, Justin was a NSW state politician with a side passion for making bone broths, kombucha and fermented veg from scratch. Justin’s political career focussed on environmental and natural resource management issues. He has a deep understanding of the destructive impact of many types of traditional agriculture on the natural environment but also the potential for regenerative approaches to be part of healing the country and producing better quality food. Justin is keen to bring together his political knowledge and passion for making food to the business. 

When not in the kitchen at Empower Justin training for ironman triathlons, surfing and playing in his veggie garden.

Justin's coffee is a little complex...just like him: Bullet Proof Coffee. If you're unfamiliar with this it's 2 shots of coffee, MCT oil, ghee and medicinal mushrooms.

He is excited to share his love of Bullet Proof coffee with our community and no doubt will try and turn you too!