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FAQ about
Young Living Essential Oils

Here You'll Find The Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions about Young Living

Are all brands of essential oils the same?

Unfortunately not all essential oils are of good quality. Some producers choose mass production over quality and are likely to use pesticides and fertilisers to boost their yield.

Don’t confuse therapeutic grade essential oils with cheaper scented fragrance oils, containing artificial, man- made petroleum- based fragrances. These are not therapeutic but toxic as they enter your bloodstream.

When it comes to what you put in and on you and your children’s bodies, use only the best quality- whether it’s food or personal care products or essential oils- because they all end up inside our bodies.

Why Young Living over other brands?

Not all essential oils are created equal. Some of the reasons I choose to use Young Living essential oils are:

  • They own their own farms.
  • They freshly distill the oils on site.
  • They do more testing than any other oil company in the world.
  • They’re beyond organic- they’re therapeutic grade.
  • The oils vibrate at frequency that is higher than the living species it originated from.
  • They’re the only oils company that doesn’t fractionate their oils (that is, they don’t double or triple distill their oils to make them smell sweeter).
  • There are no fillers, no synthetics, no pesticides, no contaminants in their oils.

Can I just buy Young Living products from Empower?

Yes! If we don't have it in stock, we can order it in for you.

In saying that, you can get a wholesale account and save 24% on future orders.

Plus when you become a wholesale customer and join the Star Anise Essentials Community you'll get an abundance of education, information, support and guidance in using essential oils and oil infused products.

The products are expensive!

If you've already swapped out harmful toxic products and more natural versions, then you'll find Young Living products are more cost effective because they're so concentrated. When you join the Start Anise Essentials Community, we'll show you how to dilute them to make them go further.

Do I have to order every month?

When you become a wholesale customer you have the option to join the Young Living Essential Rewards Program (LRP). The minimum spend for this each month is 50PV (about $A85).

This is optional and if you don't think you're ready to commit to monthly purchases you can just order when you need to (but you won't be eligible to earn loyalty points to redeem for free products, discounted shipping, monthly promotions and essential rewards bundles).

I had a wholesale account but it has lapsed and I'd like to order again.

Simply log in using your old username and password. When you're given the option to change the enroller and sponsor, enter my member no. 10218531. This will ensure you join the Star Anise Essentials Community and get access to an abundance of education, information, support and guidance in using essential oils and oil infused products.