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Medicinal Mushrooms: JING 100g

$6500 AUD

Adrenal Tonic

Jing herbs: a super-blend of the Taoist herbal tradition's most revered Jing herbs.

Unified to cultivate energy in the kidneys & adrenals, this potent blend supports healthy hormone function, stamina and libido.

May support:
- Core energy
- Adrenal health
- Kidney function
- Hormone balance
- Stamina
- Libido


Eucommia ulmoides (Eucommia bark*), Cordyceps sinensis (Cultivated CS-4 mycellium), Lycium barbarum (Goji berry), Rehmannia glutinosa (prepared Rehmannia root), Cistanche salsa (Cistanche stem), Asparagus cochinchinensis (Asparagus root) 10:1 extract powders *dual extract

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