Keto Cinnamon & Pecan Scrolls- 4 Pack – Empower Wholefoods
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Keto Cinnamon & Pecan Scrolls- 4 Pack

$1890 AUD
No Grainer Keto Cinnamon & Pecan Scrolls are sweetened with lakanto monkfruit sweetener, so there’s there’s less than 3 grams of carbs per scroll. They are also 100% grain, gluten, yeast, preservative & dairy free.
Pecans & cinnamon are a match made in heaven & they give the scrolls such a rich, buttery, sweet flavour. I like to eat them warmed with a nice cup of chai (I’m a cinnamon freak)!
To be a type 1 diabetic, and to be able to east such a decadent treat that won’t send my blood sugars to the moon is a pretty awesome feeling

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