Mungalli Davidsons' Plum Organic Yogurt 500g – Empower Wholefoods
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Mungalli Davidsons' Plum Organic Yogurt 500g

$825 AUD

This is a tub-set yoghurt with a delicate curd that you can spoon straight out of the pot. Davidsons’ plum’s are quite sour, and add a slight tartness to our yoghurt which is refreshing. Our milk is unhomogenised so the cream sits naturally at the top. Enjoy our yoghurt as a snack, on top of your favourite bircher muesli for breakfast, or perfect for dessert as is.


Biodynamic Full Cream Milk: 

Organic Milk solids

Davidsons’ Plum

Organic Sugar

Live Cultures: L acidophilus, bifid bacterium

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