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Organic Women's Tea per kg

$14000 AUD

Our Womens Tea is a blend of organic herbs to help balance pre-menstrual and menopausal hormone levels and to alleviate symptoms.

  • Shepherds Purse
    To reduce pain caused by menstrual cramps
  • Nettle Leaf
    An iron rich tonic loaded with vitamins, calcium, folate, potassium and magnesium
  • Dong Quai
    A powerful herb used to maintain hormonal balance by regulating estrogen levels
  • Horsetail
    A regenerative herb to improve tissue repair and help regulate menstruation and the symptoms of menopause
  • Valerian Root
    To help relieve anxiety. As a tonic for menstrual cramps and to reduce hot flashes
  • Yarrow
    Used to reduce heavy menstrual flow and cramps

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