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PET Hemp Oil 50ml

$5000 AUD

Does your Dog or Cat have Anxiety? Scared of Storms or being alone?

Or have stiff & sore joints from becoming a bit older!

Grab a 50ml or 100ml Bottle of our Pet Hemp oil and be amazed a what a difference this product can make!

Try 1 drop of Oil for every 2 kg of Pet's weight, Once a day, up to 3 times a day as Required.

Simply add the required drops to a small piece of bread and add it along with a treat / meal.

Use at least 30 mins before a potential trigger, eg. travel, thunderstom, leaving the dog unattended ect

Our organically grown LOW THC Hemp oil will really make a difference! Always a positive outcome with zero side effects, all natural!

Can also use topically to treat any Red or inflammed skin issues, just add a few drops and rub in to help the skin heal.

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