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Phybre (SeaFibre and Green Banana)

$2400 AUD

Our triple-fibre blend from the land to the sea. Now you can get your SeaFibre in a scoopable fibre blend for your cereal, smoothies or baking, with the fibre diversity of green bananas and resistant starch from brown organic basmati. With a serving of Phybre you will get 40% of your daily fibre needs in diverse forms. 

When we talk about the need for increased fibre in our diets, we actually need a diversity of fibres to feed different gut flora.

Ingredients: Gelatinised brown basmati rice*, milled green banana flour^, SeaFibre^(Ulva sp. 84 seaweed glycan extract)

*Organic ingredients ^Australian ingredients
Made in facilities that process: nuts, sesame seeds

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