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Stickichai - All-Natural Chai Tea 250g

$2995 AUD

All-natural chai tea with freshly crushed spices to be made as a chai latte or served as tea. It's "Sticki" because we've laced the spices and two special types of black teas with Australian Bush honey to create a unique magical spice note.

We mastered a special blend of eleven fresh spices, that's right - TWELVE spices, laced with Australian Bush honey. This product works very well for single-serve or for when cooking up chai for a group of friends at home.

The original masala chai tea is packed with fresh spices and bathed in locally harvested bush honey. StickiChai can be enjoyed both black and with milk, hot or cold. Our promise to you is always a healthy chai without the use of hidden nasties.

Ingredients: Organic Black tea, Australian bush honey, cinnamon, liquorice, fennel, cardamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace, clove, black pepper, anise, orange peel, rosemary